Starting Business Anxiety and How to Overcome Your Fears

Starting Business Anxiety

Not one company in the history of this world has been created sitting in someone’s brain. Let’s face facts here you have little to no money. Depending on your business may require you to borrow money from a financial institution, friends, and or family. You have little to no experience running a business and in some cases this means you have never managed people, and that can present a challenge. So you are asking yourself the question what exactly I am doing here? These are the same issues that faced Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), Sam Walton (Wal-Mart), Steve Jobs (Apple), or Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google). All these brands are household names now. But, 20 years ago Facebook was not even an actual idea. The Internet was still in the early stages of where we are today there was no social networking platform. A matter of fact there wasn’t even a MySpace. Imagine the possibilities of where we will be in 2036. Imagine where your idea could be in 2036. Remember inaction is not only the result but also the cause, of fear.

How does anxiety start?

Fear can creep in very easily when you are planning on starting a business. Starting a business is an enormous step in your career not to mention the tremendous life change. When you place thought on the subject, the big issue is you are going against the grain of society. The thought is simple a good paying job with reasonable responsibilities is security. You have bills to pay, some of us have children to take care of, and others have pets as well. When you threaten your safety to pursue a business anyone can feel uneasy. Fear is why most people rather work 40 years unfulfilled then to take the risk and fail.

How to calm anxiety?

Here is a list of things you can do to ease anxiety in starting a business.

  • Find a coach, mentor, friend or family member to talk to about your business plans and get positive feedback on whether the company can be successful.
  • Write down your thoughts on the enterprise. Whatever is on your mind just write it down and explore the idea further. You may find a better business sense, but most importantly you will have a list of pitfalls awaiting you. These traps consist of topics you likely had no awareness.
  • Exercise! A good run or walk can allow you to clear your head and focus on one thing primarily starting your business. Even a trip to the gym and some weight training is good here. I have flushed out business ideas before during the solitude of a workout session.

Now that the medical advice is out the way my personal advice for you is simple. Just do it! I know I am using the old Nike slogan, but the fact remains the same you have to jump, or you will always be asking yourself what if. You ever heard the phrase “study long, study wrong.” I just thought of a few more, but I believe you get the point. It may not work out; you may lose money, but unless this business involves something that can result in physical bodily harm you have nothing to fear. For those whose businesses include jumping out of an airplane, swimming with sharks or rock climbing you are an adventure seeker so this should not stand in your way. I understand your fears. I have been there. I still experience this as I plan on starting more businesses in the future. I have fear about those businesses not being successful as well, but how will you know unless you try and if your fears are warranted. Per example you want to start a fast food restaurant that sells hamburgers. We have a surplus of fast food restaurants that sell hamburgers. Your success rate in this case if minimal, but this does not mean you have to throw out the whole idea. Ask yourself the question what can I do to make my hamburger restaurant different than all the others? Burger King has flame-broiled burgers, and Wendy’s burgers are 100% fresh, and never frozen. Their slogans are the differentiated between the two and both use in their advertising.

Additional ways to manage stress courtesy of WebMD.

Managing the Stress

The way you handle stress is by overcoming your fears. I remember being afraid of the dark anytime I would enter a room in the pitch dark I’d immediately turn the lights on. I never conquered my fear until I comfortably sat and walked around in the dark. You will always have to deal with stress starting a business, whether you’re dealing with financing the company, managing employees, or making crucial decisions. The pressure eventually becomes tolerable once you have experience facing the challenge.


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[…] can alter the price. Those factors consist of web design, domain cost, and web design. There is a general level of anxiety that comes from what to do first. I hope the following will help in simplifying the […]